Coffee Shop in the heart of Matthews, NC.

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Slow Culture Coffee

We are committed to Keeping Matthews Slow. On the railroad, the Brakeman’s job is to be aware as the train speeds down the tracks, making every passenger feel safe by slowing down at just the right moment. When you walk through our doors, we want to give you that same moment of calm in your day.

We are here to take care of you with efficiency and quality, all wrapped in a calming, hospitable environment. In a fast food world, we seek to offer slow culture coffee, with a chance to consider that ‘faster, harder, more’ isn’t always better. Brakeman’s Coffee and Supply is a place where you can hit the brakes, and enjoy a cup of coffee in the midst of a busy world.

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Our Staff

While our ethos leans to the slow side, our service does just the opposite.

We are here to serve you quality drinks with hospitality at the helm. We hope you’ll stay and relax for a while, but if you’re on the go, we work as efficiently as possible to get your coffee in hand.

So while we hope and think our art (each cup we present) is beautiful, tasteful, creative, fun and inspiring; we also hope that the humble spirit and smile that came with it is even better and more refreshing than the coffee itself.


Our Coffee Partners

Throughout the year, we partner with Haerfest Coffee, to bring our “Brakeman’s Blend” to life. The components change seasonally, but our aim is to always provide you with a coffee that is impressive whether you like it black, in a mocha, or anything in between.

In our Feature Coffee Program, we seek to bring a selection of high-quality, single origin coffees from a chosen roaster. Coffee selections will rotate monthly, roasters will rotate bi-annually. This gives us a chance to bring an eclectic mix of roasting styles, while still diving deep into partnership with the people who work so hard to bring out the best a coffee has to offer.

Come on in to discover which coffee we’ve chosen this month.